Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I missed the big announcement...

For those of you who aren't aware, I've entered the realm of Traveller publishing as DSL Ironworks.  In the craziness of getting our first product released, I forgot to mention it on my personal blog, which has been sorely neglected of late.

DSL Ironworks has it's own blog, located at  http://dsl-ironworks.blogspot.com/.  Our DriveThruRPG.com publisher page can be found at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?&manufacturers_id=4058.  And, you can even find us on Facebook Here.  Pretty much all of the product information will be released through the DSL Ironworks blog and on Facebook, as well as the major Traveller forums (COTI, Mongoose, and SFRPG).

At the moment, we're looking at four primary product lines.
1. Quick Decks - prebuilt deckplan sections that you can arrange however you like.  Our Starter Pack is already available, and the first expansion is in process.

2. Technical Manuals - Small craft ship books, aimed at a specific class of small craft, complete with deckplans, interior and exterior 3d renders, adventure hooks, stats, and notes about the design and development of the class.  The first one, TM1 - Reprieve-class Escape Pods, is finished and working it's way through pre-press.  It will be released as a PDF and full color softcover book.  The second, TM2 - Moke-class Launch, details a class of 20 ton launch and is currently in development.

3. Captains' Manuals - Ship books aimed at a specific class of starship, much like the Technical Manuals.  The first, CM1 - Astoria-class Corporate Transport, details a 500 ton starship used extensively by megacorps to transport executives, sensitive cargo, and a variety of other tasks.  It is currently in development as well.

4. Quick Minis - Given the dearth of good Traveller ship miniatures, I'm contemplating doing a line of paper minis geared toward starship combat.  These will also become an integral part of each of the Tech and Captains Manuals, including a sheet of minis with the PDF file.

This blog will still be active, although updates may be slow, and I do plan on continuing with some of my ongoing projects.  Thanks for checking out DSL Ironworks, and I encourage you to follow the Ironworks blog and facebook page; that will have our latest updates and information.