Friday, January 14, 2011

Arrrgh! Two weeks!

  Wow, didn't realize it's been two weeks without a post.  I'm coming out of a bit of a dry spell; the grind finishing textures for the Type C seems to have beat my muse into a corner temporarily.  Actually today, I got some inspiration and delved into some of the stuff I'm helping Major B with over on COTI - a 20 ton shuttle and 20 ton fighter to go along with the planetary assault ship he's working on.  These are just rough sketches at the moment, but I think I've finally hit on something I like.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back from the Holidays

I took a little break from posting over the holidays to allow some family time, but decided I should probably post something.  I finished the basic textures for the pinnaces; the ATVs and Air/Raft are on hold for the time being (they both still need a fair bit of modeling, and in the case of the ATV, a complete rework due to some really crappy geometry I couldn't resolve).  But, below is a shot of the pirate cruiser and pinnaces in action.

For those of you not aware of the fact, I'm now a sorta published author/artist.  I did a complete writeup on the X-boat Service Hull for Freelance Traveller, which came out yesterday.  I got the cover picture, 2 interior pictures, a very complete set of deckplans, and several pages of text.  Thanks to Jeff Zeitlin, the publisher, for thinking my work was worth printing.  You can get the current issue here - Freelance Traveller #13.  He's also encouraged me to work up the Type C for publication, which I may do down the road, and I'll probably be putting both ships together into my own LBB format ("Technical Manuals") in the future.