Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time, time, time.... would think, having a small business in your home and not having a 'real' job to go to everyday would give you tons of free time.  Oddly, it doesn't.  I see it's been over a month since the last post, and I've accomplished surprisingly little.  I did start a PBP game over on, which has taken some time, and I've tweetered up a new version of the X-boat service hull for one of the groups.

You can find the game HERE.  If you'd like to lurk, you certainly may; we've got 2 4-man teams operating in Foreven, and the action is just getting started.
Anyway, here's the Jumpin' Jack Flash, the modded service hull combo.  This one is modded with a second turret on the X-boat, and belongs to a grav-racing team.  Yes, that's a Jackalope on the noseart.  South Dakota humor, don'tchaknow.

While working up the new textures, I got to tinkering some with the model itself and discovered that, while it's a good first effort, there's enough crap wrong with it that nags at me it will probably get a complete rework somewhere down the road (if I have time, lol).