Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh crap, not another blog...

  Yeah, it's another blog.  This one is dedicated to role playing games, specifically Traveller.  It seems to be the only one I still have a serious interest in...I think I've slain enough dragons for the time being.  I think mostly why I'm still hooked on it 23 years after buying the Traveller Book is the fact it ties in quite handily to my other interests, astronomy and 3d modeling.

A recent set of threads over on Citizens of the Imperium about a service hull for retired X-boats drug me back into 3d (and for that matter, kitbashing real models).  It seemed I was cluttering COTI up with a lot of pics of this beast, so I decided to move most of my further work to this blog and Photobucket .  I'll be discussing my various 3d projects (and possibly games) here, so pull up a chair and grab a beer.

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Shawn Driscoll said...

Traveller can never have too many blogs. Especially 3D ones.