Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holy smokes...

Wow, time got away from me again.  I've been elbow deep in my Challenge project, tinkering with random concepts for future development, spending some time with the 3ds max Bible to learn some new tricks, and just generally jumping through the hoops of life.  

Today I've been tinkering with a 20 ton fighter for a 3000 ton pocket carrier I'm experimenting with.  The thing that sucks about carried craft is the fact that the allowances made for in the rules make it damn tricky to design a vehicle that fits in that space and still leaves some area to walk around and do maintenance on it, especially on things like carriers.  Launch tubes exacerbate the problem, because now you've got to taking moving the fighters into launch position into account.

Anyway, hopefully a bit more later today.  I will endeavor to throw up some of the other concepts in the works tonight sometime, and try to get into a little more solid groove with this blog.

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